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Source: StatPro provides a range of managed data services combining a wealth of high quality global aggregated data with proprietary and sophisticated pricing capabilities for complex and less liquid assets.  The services are designed to assist Investment Managers, Asset Managers and Investment service providers to meet the challenge of increasing cost and complexity of data management, simplifying data access and use throughout the Investment management process.

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Index and Benchmark Services

For the whole investment management community, the challenge of managing the volume, complexity and spiralling costs of index data is an immediate priority. Source: StatPro is investing in a series of ‘Index Initiatives’ to address the major challenges that the whole investment management community face.

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Pricing and Valuations Services

Source: StatPro’s Pricing and Valuations service reduces risk and increases efficiency involved in the pricing of a wide range of securities and funds, using a managed data service model. The investment management community depends on the resulting validated data to help meet their requirements for data transparency, operational efficiency and valuation and calculation accuracy.

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Proprietary Data and Pricing Capabilities

As a specialist in performance and risk StatPro Revolution has developed a range of advanced models and capabilities to support its sophisticated analytics. The underlying data and capabilities of Revolution are available and widely used by clients wishing to underpin their own in-house models or operations with data developed by some of the markets’ leading quants.

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Fixed Income Pricing Methodology

There are five pricing methods used by the StatPro fixed income group: Market pricing; Spread pricing; Curved pricing, Cash pricing and pass-through pricing.

Essence of data governance

The availability of timely and accurate data is an essential element of the everyday operations of many organizations. Equally, an inability to capitalize on data assets will have farreaching effects.

The Importance of Data Management for Fixed Income Attribution

Accurate fixed income attribution calculations are impossible without good data. In the world of fixed income data, a minor change can result in millions of dollars in cost differential.

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We are Confluence

Pittsburgh, PA, and London, April 28, 2020 – Confluence Technologies, Inc. (“Confluence”), a global technology solutions provider delivering innovative products to the worldwide money management industry, has announced that following the October 2019 acquisition of StatPro Group, the newly integrated company will begin doing business under the ‘Confluence’ name.

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