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StatPro Terms and Conditions

The following links provided the Terms and Conditions under which the following Source: StatPro Services can be subscribed to:

Information Providers – Additional Terms

In addition to the rights, obligations and restrictions set forth in StatPro service agreement(s) Client may enter into with StatPro, Client’s use of StatPro’s services is subject to the following terms (defined below, or as defined in the applicable StatPro service agreement):

Where StatPro’s services include the provision of Data provided by Information Providers, Client must obtain all prior approvals for control and redistribution of Data, software and services from the Information Providers and pay all associated costs, fees and charges, and those Information Providers are intended third-party beneficiaries of the StatPro service agreement(s) with respect to the provisions of usage and ownership of data. In addition to the terms agreed in the relevant StatPro service agreement(s), Client also agrees to comply with all applicable Information Provider terms, conditions, instructions and restrictions (collectively “Data Provider Terms”). Data Provider Terms may be supplied to Client with StatPro’s services, or directly by Information Providers.

Unless Client enters into a written contract directly with an Information Provider, Client has no contract with the Information Provider with respect to the supply or use of the Information Provider’s Data, nor shall the Information Provider be liable for same. If an implied contract or duty should be held to exist, StatPro, as agent for each Information Provider, disclaims all liability of each Information Provider for any loss or damage of any type or amount which may occur in relation to the implied contract or duty.

StatPro will comply with Client contact details and reporting requirements of Information Providers, where required for StatPro or Information Providers to meet contractual obligations, or otherwise.

The following links will display additional terms and conditions imposed by the relevant Information Providers, regarding use of their Data, software and services:



StatPro will comply with the reporting requirements of the Information Providers, where it is required for us or them to meet contractual obligations.